July 8, 2020

Covid has affected the business climate in ways we could never imagine. For some, businesses have gone remote, for others they have had to sadly shut down. However, there are a percentage who have adapted, pivoted and recognized new streams of income. 

Advantage Publica...

July 7, 2020

Often people contact me asking if I can remove a background in a photo for them, remove an object or do a little retouching. ABSOLUTELY!  I offer many photo effects for both commercial and personal projects.  I can assist you with just the photo editing, photos and lay...

April 26, 2020

This Tuesday, April 28th and Wednesday, April 29th, Kas Zucker Design is offering FREE Website Reviews to small businesses. There is absolutely NO obligation of any kind. This is simply a way to reach out to businesses and help them make their online presence more effe...

November 19, 2019

After your website is published, it is important to take 3 essential steps to insure its success.

  1. Do basic SEO on your website. Add page descriptions, search friendly page names and keywords.  

  2. Submit your website to Google. If your URL is not submitted, people...

May 14, 2019

When visitors arrive at your website do they immediately understand what you do or offer? Do you have a path for them to follow? Are you targeting specific groups so that when a person from that sector comes to your website their experience is customized? SEO is undeni...

June 28, 2018

I am thrilled for my client Geraldine at Style Your Threads for being named Best Personal Stylist for 2018 by Boston Magazine.  She has an amazing style sensibility and is wonderful to work with!

Visit her online. HERE

June 28, 2018

Congratulations to Light House Design on your new website. It was a pleasure working with this talented architect!