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Google Domains May not be the Best Choice

If you are thinking of purchasing a new domain, be weary of using Google as your domain provider. The reason being is that they have made a recent agreement with Squarespace to actually manage their domains.  


Admittedly this was a brilliant marketing move for Squarespace but not so brilliant for the consumer.  Although Squarespace’s website builder is pretty good, it does have limitations. Squarespace has also made it challenging to connect domains and email records to other website builders, therefore providing Squarespace with many new website accounts.


When you are purchasing a domain, I recommend using GoDaddy or Blue Host. In this way it is easy to connect your domain to whatever platform your site ends up being built on.


In addition, I offer a Free Domain for all new websites built on Wix.  Wix is unique in that one can do precise page layout edits even on mobile.  It also offers integration of numerous apps that makes the software extremely expandable. Wix also provides exceptionally reliable hosting and secure websites.  In the 15 years I have worked with their software, I have never had a site go down or be hacked.


If you are contemplating a new website or website updates, feel free to reach out to me. I specialize in branding, user experience and websites that deliver.  


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