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The Same but Entirely Different

Homemade goodies are an undeniably loved part of the holidays. Whether you send baked goods to a friend, family member or client or bring when visiting, it is common to see a table or basket loaded up with many tempting choices. I recently sat down with a monthly magazine from my local market that was full of such recipes. I love to experiment but as I read through the options a startling fact emerged. One may assume the desserts are similar but actually they are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT. Here are two to illustrate my point.

Cinnamon Raisin Rugelach


98 Calories

5 Grams of Fat

1 Gram of Saturated Fat

6 Grams of sugar

Candied Pecans with Cinammon and Coconut Sugar


913 Calories

82 Grams of fat

7 Grams of Saturated Fat

41 Grams of Sugar

These are two extremes. However, If one cares about one's loved ones, friends and colleagues, one might want to avoid the pecan option. I shudder to imagine the individual who loves nuts and mindlessly snacks on the candied pecans without realizing how quickly their arteries are clogging up.

This holiday season make smart, educated choices for yourself and your loved ones. New Years will be here soon and I want to ring it in with all of you!


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