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This morning I discovered an expiration date on the side of my white plastic floss container. Surprised that floss required an expiration date, I wondering if everything in this world has an expiration date. Sometimes it is extremely valuable to have such a date, as on your milk and medicines. Sometimes you just know internally it is time for an update!

Recently I redesigned my website as my prior site was admittedly getting older. In addition, I wanted a smoother and more direct user experience. After updating, I installed a program I had used prior called Web Stat to see how my traffic was.

I was amazed! The new site, with its new interface was not only generating more traffic; but more impressive was the length of time and engagement I was getting. On my older site visitors would often click off after my home page and rarely go to interior pages.

Now I was getting lengthy visits to interior pages and I could see exactly what pages and the paths my visitors were taking. Web Stat also enabled me to see the origin of my visitors such as the referrer, the geographic location, the keywords they searched, and the browsers and type of device I was being viewed on. This lets me know if my visitors are viewing my site from their desktop, tablet or phone.

Information of this kind is essential for a truly productive website. There is nothing like first hand experience to drive this message home. Are you getting the most out of your website? Do you know how visitors are finding you and where they are visiting on your site? With the start of this New Year, I highly recommend a website tune up, the instillation of Web Stat and a quick check of the various expiration dates surrounding you!


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