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Habits: Helpful or a Hindrance? With Apologies to Hillary

Habits can be very productive until they are not. Are you using the same methodologies applications and approaches from five years ago? Are there new options available that could streamline your sales, increase your ROI and impact your business? Are you keeping up?

Recently, it was revealed that Hillary Clinton's email issues stemmed greatly from her attachment to her Blackberry and reluctance to embrace new technology and operating systems. No matter what your political views are, there is a fundamental human characteristic that we become accustomed to things and are resistant to change. We take the same routes to work, speak to the same people and use the same programs. We like them and they bring comfort. I am not suggesting change for the sake of change. However, when you alter your routines and learn new applications, approaches and technologies both in business and personally it provides greater opportunities for growth.

This June, try reviewing your procedures. Are they as effective and secure as they once were? Could you be getting better results? Do a Google search and see if there are programs, approaches or devices that provide better efficiency, security and options. You may even begin a new habit when you do.

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