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What's Behind You?

When taking photos either for personal, business or events, it is important to note what is behind your main subject. Often, I am given photos to post on a website or to use for print marketing . Unfortunately, the photographs are compromised due to where or how the subjects were photographed. For example, I have been sent images of offices with Post-its on the walls and cluttered piles of papers. When shooting consider these points:

  • Utilize clean uncluttered backgrounds.

  • If shooting in a professional office, remove clutter.

  • Avoid harsh geometrics such as door frames and picture frames behind groups

  • Avoid dark spaces. Use the best lighting available or bring lights.

  • When taking a group shot, frame the group tightly in the shot so they are the main focus.

  • Utilize background palettes that enhance a portrait. Try out various backgrounds.

  • Considered having the shot professionally styled.

  • Considering hiring a professional photographer to get the best shots you can.

And remember, there is always Photoshop!

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