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Think About the Words You Use

When writing or talking, are you ever stuck or at a loss of words for what you are trying to say? We are led to believe that English is all encompassing. However, language has nuance. Choosing one word over another, although similar can alter the meaning and mood of a phrase entirely. Some words have positive connotations and others negative.

Some words ask things of people and other demand. One word I avoid when writing emails is should. No one wants to hear what he should do. The word infers a reprimanded. For example rather than saying “You should have those reports to me by noon today.” Try “Reports are needed by noon today. “It is more respectful and more neutral in tone.

Recently, I came across a group of words from other languages at Grammar Check with meanings we do not have in English. I found them quite intriguing and thought-provoking. I’m not saying you should read them but inviting you to enjoy!

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