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Good UX

When visitors arrive at your website do they immediately understand what you do or offer? Do you have a path for them to follow? Are you targeting specific groups so that when a person from that sector comes to your website their experience is customized? SEO is undeniably important but once your guest arrives at your site, it is vital for them to have a positive, stress-free experience that easily provides them with the information they came for.

When you have events or specials, is that information seen on the home page or is there a link from the home page to an interior page? Visitors may not even be aware that an event is coming up if it is on a calendar on an interior page. Never assume every visitor will look at all your pages.

Thoughtfully designed experiences help visitors form impressions of your business and they can be the start of wonderful business relationships. Like a grand hotel that awes its guests as they enter their lobby you can do the same online. If you’d like to get more website ideas or discuss ways to have your message heard, sign up for a complimentary site review at Kas Zucker Design + Marketing

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