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The Covid Pivot

Covid has affected the business climate in ways we could never imagine. For some, businesses have gone remote, for others they have had to sadly shut down. However, there are a percentage who have adapted, pivoted and recognized new streams of income.

Advantage Publications, developed an App of their printed product that had previously been used at conferences and in classes. They plan on created others as well.

The Wacky Candy Shack changed their business model from fairs and events to home birthday parties and it has been a very popular choice especially as there are limited options for Birthdays.

Presently, I am in the midst of developing a site for an excavation business. The owner also owns a café. He had been doing excavation on the side for over a year but with sales down at the café, he quickly recognized the profitability of the excavation services.

In the medical field, I have had created websites for doctors starting new practices. In the financial field, I have done site updates and social media campaigns.

People are online an average of over 24 hours a week. Does your business have an online presence that is accurate, up to date and align with today’s web standards? Are you staying in touch with customers? Have you considered online revenue streams? Have you pivoted? After all, nothing stays the same - but change.

I’d love to hear from business owners about ways you are staying agile and are making it through these challenging times. Please contact me if you’d like a complimentary site review for your business.

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