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Time is a funny animal. It can feel slow and thick, like when one is lying in a hospital bed waiting for the doctor or can slip by like a late afternoon shadow.

However, I have discovered a way to find more time. It involves our perception time and challenges it. I discovered it by looking at tasks I really did not want to do. These were minor ones, hanging over my head. I asked myself how long would it really take to do the job. I set the timer on my microwave. Suddenly, I realized that emptying the dishwasher, really only took 7 minutes. Paying bills only took 10 minutes. Writing that email, really only took 16 minutes. However, the weight each carried on my shoulders took much more time and energy. Likewise, scrolling on social media can easily grab 45 minutes and watching You Tube videos or playing a game app can steal an hour. Being aware of the actual time something is going to require, changes our usage much like when we are aware of the amount of cash in our pocket. Next time you have task or job that weighs you down, ask yourself “How long this is really going to take?” Predetermine how much time you are going to allot to the task and set a timer. In the end, you will end up with more tasks done and more time. Let me know how if this work for you!


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