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Try Rebooting Yourself*

Do Not Settle.

Do not assume that the amount of traffic and responses your website or emails receives is a hard fixed number. Do not sit and wonder why your open rate is stagnant or why people leave your site after 9 seconds. Instead, take action, have some fun and learn a thing or two.

Change Your Words

Try changing your headlines and altering your subheads. Subheads can improve your SEO greatly. They should not be an afterthought.

Get Moving

Just as retail stores rotate merchandise, move things around on your site. Do you have some amazing reviews? Are they buried on page five? Try putting them on your home page.

Don’t be Generic

When people visit your site or receive your email does it communicate your brand? Avoid using clip art and generic images whenever possible.

A/B Testing

Do you have a call to action? If not add one and if you have one try a new version.

Have a Clear Path and Goals

Do you have a clear path for visitors to take? Have friends test out your site. Get their feedback, listen and implement.

See Results

An eye-catching photo or graphic, a new column or an interesting giveaway can make a huge difference. Alter your approach, change your thinking and see results.

*Compliments to Dilbert By Scott Adams

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