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Resolution...It's All in the Details!

The resolution of an image refers to the amount of detail in the image; the higher the resolution, the sharper the image.

Often, I receive logos and/or images sent to me that are simply not suitable for print. For example a logo or image pulled off the web is likely 72 dpi (dots per inch) and will not print clearly. To insure that your printed pieces turn out great, black and white line art and logos should be in vector form. Photos, color CMYK or grayscale, need to be scanned in at 300 dpi. If an image is less than 300, the image should be replaced. NEVER enlarge images beyond their original size. Don't have your original art? Don't worry. I can help you with that!

By adhering to these guidelines your print pieces will come out clean, sharp and professional. For the month of April, I am offering 15% off all printing! Contact me to learn more.

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