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Are You Visible?

Recently I needed a contractor but could not recall the exact name of the business I had used prior. With so many companies and many with similar sounding names, this is sadly a common occurrence. Interestingly, some companies have broken through and ingrained themselves into our collective conscious.

Examples of such would be GEICO, and McDonalds. We do not need to be as large as these companies, but we do need to stay in front of our customers before someone else does.

The cost of new customer acquisition is far greater than maintaining current customers. Furthermore, if current customers are happy with the job you are doing, they often will recommend you to others. The takeaway here is to put your best foot forward and to stay in front of your customers.

Are you staying visible to your clients?

- Do you send out an email newsletter?

- Are you implementing a consistent social media plan?

- Do you create marketing materials for special programs and events?

- Do you provide giveaways with your brand and message at events and for holidays?

Often, it is a combination of these along with a few other key strategies that will easily keep your company in the forefront of your customer 's mind. At Kas Zucker Design + Marketing, I help companies build and establish their brands. Contact me to build yours!

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